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Ryan Easton

Lean Agile Transformation Coach and Agile Trainer

Ryan Easton is a Lean Agile Transformation Coach, Agile Trainer, and Release Train Engineer with over 20 years of Enterprise Development and Agile Delivery. Ryan is a servant leader who enjoys helping organizations find their passion and improve their business agility. Ryan has trained Business Leaders, Product Managers, Developers, Scrum Masters, Dev Ops and QA on how to work together at scale and be able to release a quality product on demand. "Give him a disparate team or team of teams with daily challenges and he will turn them into a highly-functioning agile enterprise". Ryan helps organizations embrace the agile mindset that will lead to their ability to formulate and execute on complex business strategies, leverage data to make tactical and strategic business decisions and take well informed calculated risks that drive business growth and create new opportunities.

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