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Ramiro Garbarini

Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer

Ramiro Garbarini, Information Systems Engineer, has postgraduate studies in project management, has more than 20 years of experience in the construction and management of information systems projects, leads implementations of agile and traditional frameworks of software construction. He is Professor of the areas Systems Theory and Software Engineering, and is Head of Information Systems Laboratory at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (FRBA), led the implementation of a quality management system and IT services certified in ISO 9001 and ISO 20.000. Researcher and author of more than 15 works published in congresses. He has participated in the transition from CMMI to V2.0 by DAEVA SA. In 2017 he became "SAFe 4 Certified Program Consultant" and in 2020 "Certified SAFe 5 Program Consultant". Since 2017 he has been teaching courses in: "Leading SAFe"; "SAFe Scrum Master"; "SAFe for Teams".

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