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Latha Swamy

Agile Transformation Leader, Coach & Trainer

Latha is an Agile Transformation consultant/executive coach based in the SF Bay Area, CA. For the last decade, her primary focus has been to bring the Lean | SAFe Agile practices to Mid-Market companies around the world, to elevate organizational performance and quality of life for all people. During this time, Latha has led enterprise-scale transformations for over a dozen companies using Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Kanban. Latha brings in a customer-centric view for teams to innovate, deliver value quickly, with predictability and quality. Latha brings her practical experience from implementing SAFe to her training sessions. She keeps the participants engaged and presents them the materials in such a way that they get to discover new insights for themselves. This makes a profound difference to the quality of the training, resulting in a transformation of the mindset where lean leadership naturally emerges. The participants walk out of the session with new confidence and clarity on the next steps. Latha is passionate about cultivating cultures and mindsets where employee engagement improves, and high-levels of performance become naturally available.

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