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Ashley Vance

Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer

Ashley Vance is an Agile Trainer, Lean Agile Transformation Lead, Senior Enterprise Agile Coach, and experienced Release Train Engineer. Ashley is an active member in the community, a change catalyst, and public speaker. She has 20+ years of Portfolio, Program, Product Management, Software Development, and Quality Assurance automation testing hands-on experience. Ashley found a passion in strategic management and coaching/training others in global markets. She has stood up over 200 teams and facilitated well over 300 training classes for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Ashley has led five end-to-end large-scale successful global transformations for companies operating in 35 countries with over $6.0 billion in revenue quarterly. Her experience in various roles within Agile enhances her ability to provide authentic examples and legitimate recommendations on how to address certain areas of concern in an organization, coaching, and best practices, while driving Agility, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

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